Nissan Versa - Another Name for Great Performance

The Nissan Versa is a popular subcompact sedan that is synonymous with great class and great performance. Whether you’re commuting to work and school or cruising down the highway, you’ll always get top performance from the Versa. At The Razzari Auto Centers, we want you to be fully informed when you decide to buy your next car, so come see us and we’ll show you what the Nissan Versa model range has to offer.

Versa’s 1.6L engine, with its variable-valve timing, plays a big part in why the Nissan Versa offers such good performance while still giving you great gas mileage. You’ll also get the same quick acceleration, smooth handling and ease on bumpy roads whether you choose the automatic transmission or the 5-speed manual transmission.

Don’t make any buying decisions until you’ve checked out the Nissan Versa and taken it out for a test drive. It very well might be the best decision you’ll ever make.



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