DIY Headlight Restoration: Clearing the Way for Safety and Sight

Chances are you have seen or driven a vehicle that has those discolored headlight covers. This not only creates an unappealing appearance for the vehicle, it also makes it hard to see when driving down the road.

Headlight lens discoloration is a result of the sun exposure your vehicle experiences on a regular basis. Thankfully, there is something you can do about it. People offer a variety of tips for cleaning the lenses using products ranging from toothpaste to expensive cleaning kits you can purchase at automotive stores around town. However, you truly only need clean water, a cleaning rag, fine grit sandpaper, and mild soap.

Spray some water on your fine grit sandpaper. Begin rubbing your headlight lens in a circular motion with the sandpaper. Change to a back-and-forth motion. After you have scrubbed the entire lens, wipe away the residue with your cleaning rag and a mild soap and water solution. Repeat as necessary.

After several times of cleaning the headlight lens, it may be necessary to replace the headlight housing. This will also be a necessity should you experience cracks or chips in the housing or lens. The Razzari Auto Centers technicians offer complete inspections and provide useful tips to make DIY headlight restoration much simpler.

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