How Many Airbags are There in the Chrysler Pacifica?

When talking about the number of airbags in a vehicle, you should be aware that many of the airbags placed in vehicles are not government required. The demand for more airbag protection comes from the consumer. Those with families want more than just the front seats protected.

The Chrysler Pacifica protection team realized early on that the promise to protect the whole family demanded airbag protection everywhere. The resulting accumulation of airbag protectors is phenomenal. The driver and front passenger have the dash airbags, side airbags, knee airbags and head airbags. The second and third rows have extensive curtain bags for the protection of the body and the head as well as side bags in the case of a side impact. All airbags are dual stage models.

At The Razzari Auto Centers, we can show you the added protection airbags in your new Chrysler Pacifica.

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