Quality Assured Pre-Owned Vehicles

Our “Hassle-Free Peace-of-Mind Guarantee”


Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

It’s not just a warranty, it’s Peace-of-Mind for a LIFETIME. Let’s face it, buying a vehicle is a huge investment. With the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty included with every Quality Assured Pre-Owned Vehicle from The Razzari Auto Center, there’s no easier way to ensure your investment doesn’t stop short.Your powertrain includes all the major systems that keep your car on the move. And, for as long as you own the vehicle, you’re covered!


Quality Assurance #1




48 Hour Peace of Mind Policy

You can’t buy the wrong car! Didn’t get exactly what you were looking for? Don’t worry! Our 48 Hour Peace of Mind Policy protects you from buyer’s remorse. We will do everything we an to make sure you leave here in a vehicle that works for you. Even so, sometimes the car you wanted isn’t the car you needed. We understand! If you don’t absolutely love your Quality Assured Pre-Owned Vehicle from The Razzari Auto Centers, simply return it within 48 hours.


Quality Assurance #2




We Will Buy Your Trade

Even if you don’t buy your next vehicle from The Razzari Auto Centers, we will buy your trade for top dollar! Why is this important? Most dealerships play a “shell game” when it comes to the car deal. They will show you what you want to see for your trade-in while they are ripping you off on the other end. When you deal with The Razzari Auto Centers, we back up our trade-in offers with real money you can take to the bank…whether you buy a car from us or not! You can always try to sell your vehicle on your own, but if you would rather skip the hassle and get payment quickly, come to The Razzari Auto Centers. Our Vehicle Evaluators are highly trained to compare your vehicle with current market data to determine what your vehicle is worth. Most appraisals take less than 30 minutes.


Quality Assurance #3



125+Point Vehicle Inspection

Our technicians put each “Quality Assured Pre-Owned” vehicle through a comprehensive inspection. They check 125 different components to make sure your “Quality Assured Pre-Owned” vehicle is in great running order when you drive it off the lot. If there is a problem, we fix it – and we’ll gladly share the results of our inspection with you! We have nothing to hide.


Quality Assurance #4



Free Annual Inspection

When you take delivery of your Quality Assured Pre-Owned vehicle from The Razzari Auto Centers, you have the peace of mind of knowing that it passed our rigorous 125+ Point Inspection before we made it available for sale. But, over time, things wear out. Maintain that Peace of Mind throughout your vehicle ownership without spending a dime! Just bring your Quality Assured Pre-Owned vehicle in to any of The Razzari Auto Centers Service Centers and we will inspect it for FREE. We will make you aware of anything that requires your attention.


Quality Assurance #5


Clean Title Guarantee

We run a Carfax vehicle history report on every “Quality Assured Pre-Owned” vehicle to ensure every one has an accurate mileage count and that the vehicle has not been branded as a salvaged or flood-damaged vehicle. If the vehicle doesn’t check out, we take them to the auction and sell them to other dealers. Every “Quality Assured Pre-Owned” vehicle has a clean history!


Quality Assurance #6


The Right Price…Right Up Front

We want to treat all of our customers with the same high level of service…not just the “great negotiators”. At the Razzari Auto Centers, you don’t have to be a great negotiator to get a great price. We have invested in software that analyzes every pre-owned vehicle for sale on the market. Every day, we adjust prices, as necessary, to ensure that the price you pay is competitive and fair.


Quality Assurance #7


Commission Free Product Specialist

Here’s why we don’t pay our Product Specialist on commission. You see, people are human. Yes, even car sales people. At most Dealerships, it isn’t in the Sales Persons best interest to help you find the best price. Why? Because the better price they give you, the less they get paid. It’s called the Commission Trap. More times than not, it’s the Customer who gets snagged. But not at The Razzari Auto Centers. Our Product Specialist aren’t paid to upsell you. They are paid a flat incentive for selling you a vehicle, not an incentive for selling you a more expensive vehicle. We do that because we want our Product Specialist to be an Honest, No Pressure resource for researching your options. Commission Free, Information Rich Product Specialist.

Quality Assurance #8

What else do you need to know about our Quality Assured Used Vehicles?

Flexible finance options – we work with over 30 lenders to find you the best loan for your specific needs.

We have nearly every make and model available at one location.

Extended Service Contracts, Vehicle Maintenance, and Theft Protection available.

Over 38 years Family Owned and Operated! We’ve sold thousands of Quality Assured Used Vehicles.

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