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Road Trip Simple Safety Checklist

If you want to get to your destination safely, these simple road trip tips are going to help. Take some time to pack the car correctly and you will get there just fine.
  • Take along a pair of jumper cables in case your battery experiences trouble.
  • A gallon of engine coolant will help if the car happens to overheat.
  • Duct tape can be a huge life-saver if you need to make a repair to a radiator hose.
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The Importance of Battery Care

Okay, so you know that your battery is the reason your car turns over before the initial start. Any automatic cannot start without it, and even standards need a push. The battery feeds an electric current to the starter, which turns steel wire through a metal cylinder. The sparks from this process ignite the fuel that makes the engine run.

You know your battery is important, but what are the warning signs that you need to replace it? In this article, we'll teach you how to tell when your battery is on its last leg.

Clicking at Start
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